Secret Love [ K - Movie ]

Sinopsis :
Two months after their wedding, Yeon-Yi (Yun Jin-Seo)’s husband Jin-woo (Yu Ji-Tae)gets into an accident and falls into a coma. During this time, Yeon-Yi’s life shatters from the seams. She misses her deadlines for work, while she has only videos of her wedding to comfort her.
Then Yeon-Yi waits at the airport for Jin-Woo’s brother Jin-Ho (Yu Ji-Tae), whom she has never met before. She is stunned when she meets him, because Yeon-Yi never knew Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho are identical twin brothers. Although Jin-Ho and Yeon-Yi’s relationship is cold at first. they soon become attracted to each other. Their relationship becomes even more volatile, when Jin-woo suddenly awakes from his coma …

Info Film :
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English/Korean (softsub)

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